domestic violence

Marriage Talk: say no to domestic violence

Say no to domestic violence

Standing by the kitchen sink

Lost in her jumbled thoughts

And cleaning the blood from her nose,

She didn’t hear her son’s footsteps.

He watched her for a while and asked

“do you enjoy been bullied ma?”

Sharply she turned straining her neck

“when did you get back son?” she asked

Ignoring his question, he repeated his question

She smiled warmly and replied, “I don’t enjoy been bullied

Why would you think that?

Her son stared into her eyes and said

“every time papa hits you and shoves you, you never retaliate.

You always smile”

She laughed but didn’t reach her eyes,

Told him it’s how lovers play.

Confused, he asked “does that mean I should treat

my wife the same way too? To prove  my love for her?”

no! no my sweet son, do not do that. Be a gentle

lover and husband”

Upon hearing this he looked at his mum

Brushed off her tears, hugged her tightly

and promised not to be one of the BAD MEN



Photo by Žygimantas Dukauskas on Unsplash

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Author: Hope Alfred

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