Nine tips to be productive in life

Tom Rath said there are three keys to be fully charged and focused in life: after a careful study of over 2600 ideas to improving daily experience. The research was narrowed down to the most important components. These three stood out.


Meaning: making the connection between what you do and how it benefits others

Interaction: creating more positive moments than negative

Energy: Creating choices that improve your mental health and physical health


HE gave nine tips to be productive in life


Pursue meaning instead of happiness : having meaning in your life reduces stress while happiness does not


Focus on Intrinsic Motivation such as improving the life of others, providing service or creating something new. Focusing on extrinsic motivation i.e money decreases performance


Put purpose before busyness : understand the difference between activity and progress


Always assume good intent: whenever you get frustrated with someone, know that you never truly know their situation.


Be 80% and 20% Negative in any given day, Aim to focus on good things 80% of the time


Pay attention to your colleagues, as lack of it has a bad effect on people


Track your movement: “When you sit down, the electrical activity in your leg muscles shuts off quickly. Your rate of burning calories drops to just one per minute. The enzymes that help break down fat fall by 90 percent. After sitting for two hours, your good cholesterol drops by 20 percent.” – Tom Rath


Maintain a healthy balance of your nutrition. Balance you carbohydrate to protein ratio


Sleep in; sleeping more makes you more productive.

Sleep is essential to our daily performance. Here is how to get more of it:

  • Reduce your exposure to light at night (turn off electronic devices 1 hour before a scheduled bed time).
  • Lower the room temperature (reduced temperature prevents your natural body clock from waking you up in the middle of the night).
  • Reduce exposure to noise while sleeping by wearing ear plugs or playing a white-noise soundtrack while sleeping (use an app on your smartphone).


Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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