Success = Self Awareness x Hustle


“ Success = Self-awareness X Hustle “ that is Gary Vaynerchuks’s formula for success but the question I assume you’re asking yourself is what is self-awareness and how does that lead to  success. Like a joke I saw somewhere, a quote said all you need is inside of you, and someone replied, how do I withdraw the money out.

Gary shared 3 ways self –awareness leads to success

  1. Know what drives you, like the famous musician Simi said “money don’t drive me, I drive my money”. But the question for you would be what drives you? A Big picture, something that keeps you going, a long term vision that makes every obstacle now worth the while. Something really interesting that makes the day to day activities and stress seem like nothing.


This driver is what makes the day to day discomfort seem little, because you can see the Big picture, and the stress of today are just stepping stones to where you want to be.


  1. Know your Strength and Leverage them. Focus on your major and minor on your minus. Focus on your strength. What are you good at? What skills do you possess when you discover what these skills are, write them down and develop them. Drill yourself till you become excellent at it, then leverage on them for growth.


  1. Know your weakness and outsource them: one of the most confusing interview questions is Tell us your weaknesses. There’s no point in wasting time and energy on something you’re clearly bad at, no matter how well you polish a stone it won’t turn to gold. Know what your weaknesses are and outsource them. There are things you need in order to be successful, but this things may not be your strength, its best to outsource them.


3 ways to Hone your Hustle and Achieve Success

Make each minute count: Can you do an Audit of your time, how do you spend your time? Evaluate this and make it better

Learn to love the Good times and the not so good times

Use Gratitude to fuel your Hustle: Be grateful


As an individual: I need to learn to leverage my weakness on someone and not wear myself out.


Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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