Today I am Moses and I am standing before a land
Full of pharaohs

Plague number one is  blood,
In other words ignorance
ignorance is a forgotten vacation
A river full of ponds I can’t locate on any map
My ignorance turns red, to blood,
Meaning I am at the highest level of not knowing anything
Meaning I am a wordless newspaper, a cloudless sky,
I am as invalid as a Naira coin in space

Plague two, turns out to be social media,
This is the only platform I have a licence to being stupid
Yet having people who appreciate me
We have stretched our hands over so many waters
And social media has become a cancer in our society
A jumping frog with no direction

The third plague are the gnats that have shaped shifted
Themselves to impatience, the farmland that has no soil

Plague four is the dump land flies,
The shack of mindless arguments that we put before Judges
“ how can you tell me Ghanaian jollof is better than Nigerian 
Jollof, do you even have a mouth ? “
These are the things we have to deal with in Egypt everyday
We argue like our mouths were only meant for speaking
And our minds have never been educated

Depression crawls it’s way into the fifth plague
Depression is the voice of suicide
It is my neighbours roommate which means
It visits me once in a while
It has become the dead livestock that is stuck
In the life of the youths
It destroys them
which is another way of saying it destroys our future
Depression is the shuffled playlist that sings it’s
Way to our bed or sometimes to our grave
It is a daily reminder of our golden calf,
How we are made to drink it and
How we continually die in this wilderness
This livestock has a way of cobwebbing every issue
We once taught was important

Plague 6 is a hashtag
#freeourgirls #trumpisracist #pressfreedom
As if hashtags were meant to solve problems
These are the boils that are forgotten but yet we
Depend on them like they are solutions

Plague seven
This time the sky decides to open its mouth
Allowing a  hailstorm that looks so much like corruption
So much like everyday news showing us money has
Been stolen, yet that is where it ends,
As a headline,
Not a judge bringing them to justice
This hail is a painful type of acceptance
It is now an added curriculum,
A must pass WAEC subject if not your future
Will look like an unwanted pregnancy,
A rape victim that has lost her voice

Plague eight has become our food, locusts, grasshoppers,
I guess that’s why impatience has found its way into us,
We consume it not realizing the process of consumption
Impatience is a primary two teacher, a bus driver , a business man,
Impatience is all of us, we have it inside of us and have trained it
So much it is now a reflex muscle

Plague nine is darkness, this is not NEPA,
This is the voice of women crying for help
It is rape, depressions elder brother,
Rape, it is a ninth hour earthquake we pretend never happened
It is the eye of disgust we give people who are sexually and mentally abducted,
As if it was their fault,
We teach girls how to dress sensibly but never teach boys how to zip up,

This is the end of my suffering ,
It is the tenth plague and Pharaoh decides to let me go
I have slaughtered all his firstborn
I have dislocated all the joints he once called family
I now hold its head as a reminder that sometimes
God makes us see life in tens,
Like fingers, feet, the ten Kingdoms of Revelation
That is existing before our very eyes,
And today I am an Israelite that has made it this far
And entered my promised land


Photo by Igor Goryachev on Unsplash

Author: Musa Obed

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