we are all looking forward to something, ‘HOPE’, it’s what gives us strength to live. But we cant just have hope because we are born, we need to fight for it.

“the greatest thing is love”

when we feel we don’t have enough love, we start losing strength to live.
The world is a hurting place and it needs love and hope, without both we feel like ‘why are we here’ but sad enough the world won’t dash hope to you on a platter of gold.

Think of your biggest discouragers, NO! they are not your biggest discouragers…….you are your biggest discourager.
it may take only 3 seconds to say a word.. which may hurt or make someone for the rest of their life. why do we kill ourselves with our words?
Words can do so much, hugs can do so much more, but when hugs and words fail, that’s where faith comes in.

what are you looking for in life? imagine if you are given a billion dollar will you be happy? what if you had to exchange it for your loved ones, are you still happy? money cant heal the soul, love does heal the soul.

And that is why people do all manners in search for love, especially youth, sex is not a show of love.

“sex out of marriage is like a 5 dollar gucci watch” Nick Vujicic

What are you looking for? we all want to love and be loved and in the search for love we become fake, why? that shouldn’t be, the worst part of your life can be turned to good and even more special.
your choices daily define you, you have to come to the truth of who you are.

“the two most important days in a persons life,

1. the day you are born

2. the day you discover why” William Braxly

Don’t be a wall to yourself, find your peace and make your walls doors.


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