What is your coloured Plant?



Colored plant? Yes, plants with smiling colors. We all need them.

What do I really mean though?  I mean what are the things that bring peace to your soul? Everyone needs an escape in this world of hard times. After a week of long work, hours of driving or reading or a bit of both, you need to find a place of peace. John Maxwell’s colored plant is golf, Obama’s is basketball, and well mine is colored plants (in the actual sense).

Do you know why you need a colored plant in your life? Because it is your place of rest, it is your Yoga spot, where you can relax and think of nothing else but peace. I have a friend who spent eight hours playing keyboard, that’s his colored plant. And no, it is not your talent. It is something you discover to rest your mind from all the distractions of life. People enjoy music, others a book, others good food. Those are all colored plants. When you do a particular thing and that thing makes your soul smile, that’s your colored plant.

You know when you were young and your parents used to send you on errands? When you washed the plate and the car simultaneously? After that, what did you do to find relief? Apart from sleep, Lol.

For me it was football and running, I would just go out and play football or run on tracks. One time in school, I was studying too much that I went to hostel, changed to my sportswear and went to the track. Why? Well because at that moment, jogging was my colored pant.

You don’t need any religious activity to find your own colored plant; you just have to listen to your soul. There is something that you are connected to naturally without stress. To some people it’s an instrument, other’s travelling but whatever it is make sure you know it because when you feel life is being too busy your colored plant can be your company.

Every leader needs a colored plant to keep his character in check, not like chess check. Ok maybe like chess check, but as a leader you do need a colored plant. Trust me; it would make you smile more.

Today’s challenge, find your colored plant and when you do, embrace it forever.


Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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