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Leaves so green and beautiful,

Leaves so green and beautiful,

Land filled with milk and honey,

quiet and peaceful like the calm cloud.

Inhabited by people who knew no greed,

ethnic diversity was not in sight,

tribal segregation was never a plan,

stolen opportunities was not birthed

and cultural degradation was a sin.

The people lived as one family in love and unity.

But as rumours of their peaceful coexistence

and earthly blessings spread like wildfire

envy was born in the hearts of outsiders,

whose knowledge in unknown machines supersedes


Stealthily they meandered their way into the land

under the pretense of teaching about a better religion,

they mapped out strategies to break the brotherhood

and friendship amongst brothers and sisters.

Under the mask of education and a better way to rule

the people of the land,

they tried to steal the gold of the uneducated people.

Success was theirs because little by little all their

plans came to fruition.

Greed spread throughout the land like a deadly plague.

brothers raised weapons against brothers,

sisters mocked the skin of sisters.

Chaos became the order of the day in the land,

while the foreigners smirked triumphantly at their handwork.

Foreign language and culture was taught in exchange

for the land’s wealth,

hardworking men and kings turned slaves in exchange

for education.

Land rights were sold in exchange for peanut

and the land was indirectly ruled by the foreigners.

The land was ashamed of the owners,

it wept in pain because they allowed greed

take over really fast.

The bond was lost, the love lost,

the unity a far away thought in the hearts of men.

But fortunately for them,

those who got a little education from the foreigners

realised their plans and fought for control back.

They were ashamed of what they allowed outsiders

do to their beloved home.

When they got their control back it was already late,

the hearts of many had turned against the people

they once called brothers and sisters.


Photo by Mitch Lensink on Unsplash

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Author: Hope Alfred

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