In the desert of pain,

Surrounded by sands of sadness

And sunshine of loneliness.

I was an alien to fun and happiness,

they both looked at me like an outcast,

only the sound of my solitude spoke to me.

Every argument against injustice

I had with the voices in my head

and the reflection in the mirror.

Chitchatting with people

felt like taking a trip to the moon,

it was a luxury I couldn’t afford

and falling in love was out of the picture.

All that changed when I met my best friend,

his soul is as pure as the moon’s light.

When we first met he looked unskilled and innocent,

But looks aren’t always real.

Like every best friend,

he is understanding and exceptional,

my fears were his to chase away

and he is my shield.

Slowly loneliness departed from me,

inspirations came through whenever I held him,

the feeling is always exhilarating.

When depressing thoughts

weigh upon my shoulders like Thor’s hammer,

he comes to my aid.

My voice is heard through him,

Like a key, he opened my feelings.

Every story told

and every tears shed,  he has been there

Waiting to voice my emotions.

He doesn’t care

how I use him,

what’s most important to him

Is how I feel when I’m done with him.

My happiness is his top priority

and he is ever willing

to pass my message across

no matter the time and place.

I’m glad I met him

and found my voice through him.

There’s no best friend

Like my Pen.

Author: Hope Alfred

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