1. LEAD YOURSELF: If you wont follow yourself, why should anyone else follow you. have the leadership qualities within you that you want to impact on someone else. people will follow you because of what they see in you, not because of what you say.

“dont tell people what you have learnt, show them what you have learnt” John Maxwell

2. ADD VALUE TO PEOPLE: Help others get what they want, Leaders focus on others first.

How you can add value to people

➡️Value People if you dont value people, you cant add value to them.
➡️Know and relate to what others value, and this can be done by listening

To add value to people you have to keep adding value to yourself, you have to grow, learn somrthing new everyday.

“when Leaders stop valueing people, they should stop leading people”

when was the last to time you learnt something for the first time ?

3. Study leadership: If you do something one hour a day, everyday for five years you will become an expert in that field. This means that reading, resourcing on leadership everyday. you cant increase in leadership if you dont study on leadership.

4. Practice leadership: practice brings Confidence,a wise man said “if you want to ge highly successful in doing anything you have to do it 10,000 times”.

5. Intentional Growth: you have to stay in a place where you grow, a growth environment is an environment with people ahead of you. A growth environment is a place where failure is not an enemy. when you are always ahead of the class you are in the wrong class.
A growth environment is a place where you are continually challenged, where everybody is growing, where people desire change.

“greatness doesnt begin great, it begins as a baby it is based on the decisions you take”

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