A New year is around the corner again and am sure so many of us have started writing our new year resolutions, if you haven’t started you should start writing them out.

So many of us write resolutions in January and in February we are finding it difficult to keep, if it happens to you don’t worry you are not the only one, at the beginning of year 2015, I had plans 2015 ain’t over yet, but truth be told I haven’t achieved them all.

I will be sharing with you some tips to consider when writing your new year resolutions:
1. Make sure it is realizable: don’t join others in writing resolutions that aren’t achievable, then at the end of the year begin to swim in the thoughts of regret. 

Make sure your resolutions are things that are possible not impossible, and when you put your energy towards achieving it, it will be worth it.

2. Make sure it is tasking: tasking, hmmm yes it should be something that will challenge you, not something that you can do easily without stress, or something you are already good at doing.

3. Make sure it adds value to you: whatever your new year resolutions will be they must be adding value to you, or making you better in one way or the other, there is no use of having resolutions of things that does not matter or make you a better person.

4. Make sure it is time bound: resolutions with time constraints are the most achieved of all resolutions, they tend to put you under check “I want to have an M.sc in economics before my next birthday” this is an example of a time bound resolution.

5. Make sure it is specific: your resolutions similar to goals must be specific, you shouldn’t just write for instance ” I want to be slim ” that’s ambiguous you must focus and be detailed about what you want. I want to be closer to God, by praying minimum of 10 minutes everyday, and listening to anointed messages for 30 minutes everyday. Now that’s more specific.

These tips will help you in setting your new year resolutions no matter what the resolution is, if it is to stop a bad habit or pick a new habit, always remember that consistency is key.

And an extra tip on achieving your new year resolutions
1. Set out plans on how to achieve your resolutions, detailed plans as to how to achieve them don’t wait for them to just happen take steps to make it happen. 

And also to note, you can start them in December especially if it’s an habit you want to form, or a routine you want to start as habits take 21 days to form.


Author: Leaders digest


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