Yup, another Wednesday has come and gone and guess what Christmas came early this year. We all expected to be taught well in 5 plus Buh we were amazed at what we got in the normal 3 pm class.

We had an external speaker today, Mr Boye Abe

What is the next phase of your life after school?
“Good degrees don’t guarantee for success in life”

Employ yourself now or you will join the race of unemployed people

What do you want? The challenge is that most people think they know what want but they actually don’t. #thinkaboutthis

Why multiple sources of income
1⃣It creates more money, and more time
2⃣It reduces the risk of being left without income “depending on a job to meet all your financial needs can destroy you in one day”
3⃣It help to save for the rainy days (negative things in the country) “do t eat with your ten fingers”
4⃣It creates and promote entrepreneurial development and business skills.

How to to create multiple streams of income

1⃣A career ( with or without an academic qualifications)
2⃣Your Hobby ( what do you love doing that you can turn to money?)
3⃣An acquired skill (consider area of interest)
4⃣Start a trade (trade an idea,product,service) “there is no stupid idea”

Ideal entrepreneurial stream for students
Why network marketing ?
An extremely rapid yet ethical financial empowerment
You don’t money to make money

” the rich builds networks others look for a job”

Other convertible currencies
➡️Talent and skill

“All you need is people”

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