The first step to becoming a leader is to truly understand what makes a good leader.

You need to learn about leadership to help offset some of the common myths in society and to help develop your own skills. Start by reading a good book on the subject, then begin paying close attention to other people who are formally called leaders.

We learn powerful lessons from both good and bad leaders. When you discover people who have the power to make you want to follow them anywhere, ask yourself what they do to cause that. Once you figure it out, you can try the same approach.

A key factor in becoming a strong leader is gaining experience. Leadership is both a learned skill and a performing art. You’ll discover your abilities and improve them through practice.

So be proactive-volunteer, ask to be allowed to lead a team, seek a promotion. If a formal leader is absent from the workplace, seize that opportunity to step up and lead. When your skills are relevant to a situation, step forward and offer your influence.

A book won’t make anyone a leader on its own, so it’s crucial to get out there and put what you’ve been reading about and observing to use.

To be a good leader, you have to know yourself, and you have to constantly be looking out for what your impact is going to be. You may think you’re doing a great job, while no one else would agree.

That’s something you only find out by actively seeking feedback from others. Ask supervisors, mentors, peers, people you trust-then put all their evaluations together to markedly increase your chances of becoming more effective as a leader.

Author: Leaders digest

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