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The longest I have ever prayed is for 6 hours straight up thanks to Dr Ada, the longest I have ever been inspired by one man in one day is 5 hours and 40 minutes, and it happened today, my public speaking class today was just arranged for me, our facilitator Dr Muyiwa was talking to me directly.

I have read my Bible several times, I can’t even count the number of times I have read Genesis chapter 1 and all I saw was just the creation story but not today he explained it in the creation of an organization and linked it to the formation of different departments in an organization from Genesis chapter 1.
The topic was how to build a lasting organization and just to give you a glimpse of what I learnt.

What are the Challenges you will face in creating a lasting organization ?
Structural challenge : This is the challenge of building, a property or place where the organization activities will be carried out.

Resources challenge: This has to do with materials and other instruments that will be used in creating and sustaining the organization.

Vision challenge: Vision is a clear picture of where you want the organization to be.

Quotable quotes:
“Your vision must be based on inspiration and as children of God our inspiration should be from God”

” Vision gives confidence in the creation of any organization, it gives certainty”

“Vision precedes structure, structure identifies resources ”

“There is no organization that will thrive with a complex structure ”

“What it takes to multiply your competence is within you”

“Inheritance is better than achievement ”
Let me end with this quote from our facilitator Dr Muyiwa Oludayo “Encourage means to enable courage and Discourage means disable courage”
Thank you sir.

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