Building your self confidence


Essentially,self-confidence is the belief in one’s ability to succeed. Contrary to what most people think, people who have high self-confidence sometimes doubt themselves or their abilities; elite athletes report feelings of apprehension and pressure prior to competition but still perform well.

So being confident doesn’t mean the absence of negative thoughts or feelings. Rather, self- confident means believe in ones ability to perform well despite feelings such as apprehension or doubt.

If you feel you lack that self confidence here are tips that should help

Look at what you have achieved: taking a look at the things you have achieved personally is a great way to boast your confidence, as it brings to you the reminder that you are good and great things have been wrought through you.

Think of the things you are good at: thinking about your potentials and you positives also will boast your confidence, personally I can think about my great football skill don’t know what you think you are good at buh u r definitely good at something than someone, cheer yourself up with it.

Set some goals and achieve them: oh the joy of setting goals and achieving it, if I were to set this tips accordingly I would put it as no 1. I can still picture my face when I achieved my set goals I feel confident about the next task.

Talk to someone about it: of none of this works for you, you can consult someone who can help you but you must be careful who you tell as not everyone can help and some may use it against you.

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