• Winning teams have great leaders.
• Winning teams move in an environment of success.
• Excellent leaders who know the basic human needs lead winning teams.
• Excellent leaders who keep control of finance, personnel and planning lead winning teams.

Winning teams have excellent leaders who avoid the seven deadly
sins that include:

1. Trying to be liked rather than respected.

2. Not asking team members for advice and help.

3. Restricting talent by emphasizing rules rather than skills.

4. Not keeping criticism objective and constructive.

5. Not developing accountability and a sense of responsibility among
team members.

6. Treating everyone the same way.

7. Failing to keep people informed.

• Winning teams pick good people.
• Winning teams make their team members more successful.
• Winning teams keep improving.

Culled from John Maxwell’s Developing the leader within you.

Author: Leaders digest

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