Developing the leaders around you. Part 1  
As one of my new year resolutions to write about every book I read, this is an interesting book from John Maxwell collections. Enjoy as you read.

As interesting as it sounds, you need to go through step one which is becoming a leader, because you cannot give what you don’t have. 

You need to be a leader yourself before you can develop the leaders around you, and the good news is, anybody can be a leader. 

Developing the leaders around you is simply building a team of leaders in your organization. 

For any organization should be sustained and for growth to be enhanced, the role of the leader of the organization should be shared. Imagine a team of leaders, every part of the team is a leader, imagine how much good will be done. Surrounding yourself with leaders is definitely the faster way to grow yourself and likewise grow the organization.

There are two ways to surround yourself with leaders:

1. You can hire/bring in leaders from other organizations, I still think one of the most tasking and demanding task to do after developing yourself to be a leader is the ability to find other leaders into your organization, God bless Sir Alex Ferguson for this, just like in a football team especially a competitive team one way of building the team is by buying players to your team, every transfer window is bubbling because the team is expected to bring in players which are expected to grow the team with their skill and talent, Real Madrid weren’t foolish when they broke the world record transfer fee when they bought Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United, his impact in the team cannot be denied. 

2. You can develop potential leaders into become a great leader: this can also be very tasking, observing a person with leadership potential and then developing the person to be a great leader. Just like Barcelona football club did to Lionel Messi who is considered to be a football god having won the balloon d’or a record 4 times but he didn’t just wake up to become a star overnight it took leaders in the Barcelona team to discover potential in him and develop Him to be who he is today. 

Every leaders success without a successor isn’t complete success, as a leader if after you vacate office the organization crashes then your success story isn’t complete, words like this were what was ringing in my ears as I was about to hand over my position in secondary school. 

When you surround yourself with people who think big, growth is enhanced but when you surround yourself with little thinkers the rest is history. 

Every great leader has a great successor, this is only done by developing the leaders around you. 

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