Do leaders love the people they lead?
Do leaders even have emotions?
Do leaders care?

The answer is YES!

“A leader that does not love is not worthy to lead”.

The difference between a leader and a manager is love.
While managers are result oriented, leaders aren’t just result oriented but they also care. They go the extra mile to care about those bringing out the result.
Leaders understand the value in people, they understand that the people working with them are not robots, but humans with feelings.
“Leaders don’t have people working for them they have people working with them”

What do we understand by Love?
Love is a great interest and pleasure in something or someone.
As leaders if you don’t have interest in the people you are leading, or pleasure in leading them, then why are you leading?

How do you show love?

You show love by giving
You show love by sharing
You show love by caring
As leaders we should use this period to show love to the people around us. We need to love, not just in this season but every time.

“A leader must love the people he leads in order to lead the people”.

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