Food: Good food

You can’t overspend buying good food

Awesome day it was yesterday, complimenting people

I know I’ve sown seeds in their lives

The artiste girl, I’m sure she would be more confident doing her paintings

And the security man would feel appreciated for his efforts

One of those I complimented that got my attention was

Mr Jonah( not the one that swallowed the big fish)

I noticed how excited he is as a person and complimented Him for it

He told me a lot about the importance of smiling

And how it makes you look good even at an old age

And guess what…it cost nothing to smile

Today’s challenge is going to be simple and interesting also

There is nothing as awesome as eating good food

Especially when you didn’t buy with your money

Thus you see how people struggle at parties to get food

I’m certain you have an experience

Those women……..we are not discussing about them today

It’s when you offer to buy food for people (by people I mean especially girls)

Thats when they begin to order things they haven’t eaten before

The one they would never consume or buy with their money

I’m a victim too

I’m not telling you the story ?

Just know I’m a victim too, I over ordered

But the point here is there is joy in getting food, especially free food

Today’s challenge:

Buy food for someone

Don’t forget to share your experience with me.

I would love to hear it.

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