Have you ever been in a position where you are among a group of people, people of your class, no much difference between you but someway, somehow, someone tends to be the most influential person there, seems like what he says is what everybody agrees to.
Last episode on this same topic we shared a short story of a preacher in a bus and how influence can definitely start from there. This week we will be sharing another story.
Late in May I got a job with a private company and I had to deal with a lot of people, they were all workers with no much difference and were all paid equally based on work done, but one guy was different among them, his name was Denies and he was an iron bender, yes an iron bender and a very happy one at that.
He was just like every other worker but he won his way to the heart of almost everyone including the boss, you couldn’t keep him as an enemy cause of his jovial attitude, he had his special skill of getting extra money from the boss and even me, although cunny but he could get his colleague to work with him on his job without pay.
He could say something and everyone would follow, he wasn’t the oldest, if he wasn’t even among the youngest. During my short stay at my job, I observed this guy and here are three things we can all learn from Him;
Forgiving – He would forgive you for everything, I guess even before you do them.
Boldness – He would speak up his mind on any matter without any sense of mediocre or pressure.
Cheerful – There was never a dull moment with him, he was ever cheerful even at the face of challenges.
This may not seem to be your situation or something similar to it, but influence can definitely start from here, and there are sure one or two things you can learn here.<

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