Leaders After God’s Own Standard is a conference with a vision to raise leaders who would influence the World system with the Word system. Currently in its third edition. L.A.G.O.S 3.0 has d theme Subdue the VIP forces of leadership. We would be considering the Forces of Vision, Integrity and Planning.

L.A.G.O.S is a worship and Teaching conference , birthed from Obadiah 1 vs 21. We believe this is a training ground for Gods agenda in this days powered by Potters Touch a youth based group which seeks to transform society by equipping individuals one city at a time.

Speaking at this year’s conference are Silas Okwoche the Visioner of Nerve Mobile, a mobile phone company a man disrupting the Nigeria mindset with a global conquest strategy.

Emmanuel Iren lead pastor Celebration Church, a man that has shown commitment throughout the years leading a teeming number of youths passionate about the Matured Christian, A Mentor and Author.

Uche Ogwu is the convener of L.A.G.O.S 3.0, a strategic thinker and a team member in pioneering Ibadans first tech hub , an Author passionate about youth empowerment and personal effectiveness.

L.A.G.O.S 3.0 promises to be a time of refreshing for change Agents.




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