Leader Or Titleholder
Leadership I believe is basically influence, influence and not manipulation.

Leadership is service, serving your gift, talent or rather yourself to the world around you. Title is a name that describes someone’s position.

Over the years titles have been given to distinguish leaders, titles are awarded to leaders for the sake of order and for a clear understanding of the chain of authority. The idea of titles has been long contested as many feel it is unnecessary, as many leaders have misused such titles especially in Africa.

I believe titles should still remain in order to maintain order and gives the possessors of the title a sense of responsibility for example, President, General Overseer, Captain etc.

The issue is not with the titles but rather with the possessors of titles and the subordinates, firstly titles should be awarded to people on merit, the possessors of these titles should perform their duties as expected and still relate with the people as one of them and not always from a position authority people would have less issues with titles.

On the part of the subordinates, everyone is a leader and when they have a sense of self worth that comes from inside, not from posts occupied but from the belief that everyone is unique and each has something unique to offer to the world, when they resonate with the fact that non of us is as smart of all of us, they wouldn’t feel threaten by their leaders just because they hold a post. Leadership and titles go together.

Can everybody be a leader?
Anyone can show an act of leadership, doing something nice or stepping up to a challenge these are acts of leadership but some people are celebrated as leaders because they are consistent in what they do. They continually show acts of leadership.

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