Leadership is going a step further to know and then back to take the people along with you.

Akanmu Praise, ACC, 400L

Leadership is the capacity to influence people through positive modelling of a personalized or general vision birthed by purpose towards achieving a preset goal.

Udoh Toro-Obong, comp engr, 300L
Leadership is Service. it is doing the right thing so that the people around you can be motivated to do the same.


Leadership is moving the crowd with you positively.

Awele, ACC, 400L

Leadership is being a servant to a group of people.It is the act of serving people to accomplish a desired goal through committed work and effort.

Okafor Sandra, Microbiology, 300L

Leadership is living your life in such a way that other people can see it as a good example to live by.


Leadership is service,passion,and sacrifice.

Martha Olamide,ACC,400L

Leadership is Accepting the responsibilty to serve a particular group of people.

Adewuyi Oluwadara,marketing,400L

Leadership is learning to care, humble yourself, and drive a group of people towards a desired goal.

Oge C. Ogwe,chem engr,500L

Leadership is getting people from where they are to where they should be.

Emmanuel Nzeakor,building tech,400L

Leadership is the ability carry people along with the right motifand involving what is called “ethos” puting into consideration the opinions and feelings of others.

Ezeh Chika,Indurel,200L

Leadership is the process by which a person has the ability to influence, motivate, and inspire persons or group of people to achieve both good or bad goals.

Togun Christine,ACC,300L

Leadership is taking the lead, and setting the pace others will follow.

Ichado Blessing,ACC,400L

Leadership is being responsible for a particular thing or endeavour.

Olawuyi Abiola,ACC,400L

Leadership is Leading people. It is the art of influencng people directly or indirectly, with the aim of achieving a goal or an objective.

Loko Damilola,BFN,400L

Leadership is a responsibilty of guiding and directing people towards achieving a particular objective with discipline as a fixed factor.

Jigah Love,ACC,300L

Leadership is the ability to cordinate the thoughts and actions of a group of persons, followers, towards goal actualization.

Eyituoyo Ede, Acc, 300L

Leadership is putting others before yourself

Tobi, ECN, 400L

Leadership is the ability to organize, direct, manage, and cordinate the people

Adisa Bose, ACC, 400L

Leadership is a lifestyle of examples to ones followers

Ojeh Oziegbe, ACC, 300L

Leadership is service

Eweniyi Tolu, ECN, 400L

Leadership is service in whatever capacity and (or) platform

Adeoro Laughter, ECN, 400L

Leadership is showing others by examples what is to be done

Juliana, ACC, 300L

Leadership is the ability to inspire people through your actions and your attitude without saying so much

Lara, ACC, 400L

Leadership is the ability to carry other people along, a person is said to be a leader if he/she can first of all lead himself/herself

Temi Adeleye, ACC, 400L

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