How not to be stupid

Never say no to an opportunity.

Just before you slander me, it was Richard Branson that said that,

Sounds like a deep quote now right?
We should never get comfortable to just getting exactly what we deserve

Sometimes we deserve to get an extra and sometimes even a little bit more
Today while decorating at a venue for an event

The client saw me remove my shoe to work and insisted I wear it for safety


After a while he came back and gave me over 100% The cost of slippers
I said No thank you I’ll manage my slippers
Not because I didn’t need it but I was in awe of why he was giving me that much

Then a while later I realized how stupid I was and went back for the money

Oh oh

Too late bro, he said the opportunity has passed, that I should manage further

At that point, I felt more stupid

Thoughts ran through my head

1. Why were you so ….’not stupid again na’ use to managing

2. Why didn’t I take it then find out why later sef

3. I thought of what I could have used the money for

4. Oh yes I felt stupid ..again

But fortunately for me the man came back and gave me the money
Of course I learnt something

Say yes first.

Author: Leaders digest

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