One word
I discovered this while reading Joel Osteen’s book “Everyday a Friday”. He showed me how one word can change our perspective. Most of us run through life with the mindset that we have to do things. Yes we do, like;

I have to wake up early, I have to study for exams, I have to clean the house, I have to pay the bills and the list goes on endlessly. This mindset although good which portrays a sign of seriousness and responsibility however could be the spring board for Ingratitude and frustration.

Here’s a proposal why don’t we any time we catch ourselves sounding or feeling overwhelmed and ungrateful interchange the word “Have” with the word “Get”.
I get to wake up early ( because I’m alive ).
I get to clean the house (because I have shelter).
I get to queue for fuel (because I have a car ).
I get to study for exams ( because I’m in school ).

This single word change alters our perspective and makes us not just see life as a necessity but a Privilege.

Author: Leaders digest

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