The art of Communication is beautiful, Some of us communicate with ease while others struggle to express ourselves. What separates effective communicators from the rest? Have you ever said something & later gone back to apologize, saying that’s not what you mean, well that is about to change as I introduce you to the world of Power Phrase.

A Power Phrase is a short, specific, targeted expression that says what you mean and means what you say, without being mean when you say it.
Using PowerPhrases would chuck out ineffectiveness from our communication.

Most of us are guilty of this using meaningless filler words such as Well, Um, You know, Like…why ruin a perfectly powerful sentence by adding words with no meaning?

I sort of, it kind of, I was wondering if, I could be wrong but… these words discount your words before you say them. Look at the difference between:

I should go to the gym and I will go to the gym.
I’ll try to call you and I will call you before Wednesday.
Maybe we could do lunch and Let’s schedule Lunch.

Always stay on the positive lane.
I can’t get this to you today vs I can get this to you tomorrow.

The program doesn’t start until 10 pm vs The program starts at 10 pm.

I’ll have to transfer you to customer service vs I’ll be happy to transfer you to customer support.

Are you still using Vague words?
Do you say I wish someone would… instead of will you…?
I could use some help around here instead of Please help me.
I might want your help with… instead of Will you help me with…?

Yes we all get angry and then use Labeling words like…
you’re an idiot
you’re a bully
you’re cheap
why don’t you say instead
I see it differently
I am offended by your words
I don’t fell heard.

Negative words tend to stir up resistance from the receiver, Compare the following examples:
Instead of saying “Don’t come late” rather say “I need you to be on time.”
Instead of saying
“You can’t leave the car here!”rather say “Please Park over there.”

We’ll continue with this subject next month! I encourage you to make adjustments in your communication pattern.

Remember the word you say to someone in three seconds can torment, comfort, inspire them for the rest of their lives.

Further Reading
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