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What are we doing, and where are we gonna go?
It's like we just woke up one morning and it like welcome to the show!
Don't ask any question, just go with the flow
Make as much money as you can and try not to get broke
Copy what you see others do on the TV, do exactly as you are told

Is there more to this circle than growing up and get old.

Why are we here? A wise man said when purpose is not known abuse is inevitable.

Okay, enough with the quote. What is purpose? Live life try and be successful but what is success and who defines it?

Grow up, go to school, get a job, raise a happy family, build a house, buy a car, grow old and your children repeat? Now what’s the purpose in that?

Jack of all trade, master of none.

You are here and there Buh you are actually nowhere.

What’s your purpose on earth?

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