No one ever doubts what he sees; you can doubt what you hear but not what you have seen. A major challenge is when you can’t see anything and refuse to open your eyes to see.

Mediocrity is a disease eating deep into people, it makes people feel small of themselves, you hear statements such as “I can’t amount to anything”, “that is not my class”, “that is for the rich only”.

You need to open your eyes to start seeing yourself at the top, when you see yourself at the top you start acting it, you overlook the challenge whatever you might have been through or going through. It is the big picture that keeps people going, because you don’t doubt what you see.

“You don’t stand a chance if you never take a chance”

What leaders do to keep the big picture

1⃣Speak positive
2⃣Avoid gossiping
3⃣Keep yourself around positive people
4⃣Have a visual time
5⃣Take time to think

I met someone who claims he is struggling and not fit to own a house, “I struggle to even pay my rent and eat, I can’t own a house”. This is because he hasn’t seen the big picture yet, but when he started to see the big picture, in less than a year he built his own house.

“When you know where you are going people will help you get there

When you see the big picture you talk confidently, when you see leaders talk confidently about a plan it is because they have seen the big picture of it as a success.

“Great leaders make their followers see the big picture”


➡️Is like a blueprint inside of us to our plans
➡️Furnishes insight and direction for the unseen future
➡️Is a light to the path of the future
➡️Is a source of motivation: it keeps you going

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