Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose (learn)

3. REALITY: the foundation of learning
If we want to succeed in life and to learn from our losses, we must be able to face reality and use it to create a foundation for growth, the truth is not is easier to go from failure to success than it is from excuses to success.
3 realities of life

1.  Life is difficult: once you accept that life is difficult, we begin to grow. We begin to understand that every problem is an opportunity.

2. Life is difficult for everyone: the people who succeed in life don’t try to escape pain, loss, or unfairness. They just learn to face those things, accept them, and move ahead in the face of them.

3. Life is more difficult for some than for others: comparing our lives to others ultimately isn’t that productive,  life isn’t fair and we shouldn’t expect it to be.

4. RESPONSIBILITY: the first step of learning

Responsibility is the most important ability that a person can possess. A victim mindset causes people to focus on what they cannot do instead of what they can do. It is a recipe for continued failure. You can’t grow and learn if your focus is on finding someone else to blame instead of looking at your own shortcomings. Every minute we was is gone forever, we can either choose to take responsibility for what we do with it, or , are excuses.


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