Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose(learn)


After reading this book, I decided to do a quick review on the book and this I have a summary. In case you haven’t read the book this can serve but nevertheless you should buy one and if you have the book this can also serve as reminder.

Chapter one
When you are losing, Everything Hurts
What would you attempt to do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? Or what do you learn when you fail?
The quality that distinguishes a successful person from an unsuccessful one who is otherwise like him is the capacity to manage disappointment and losses.
Losing gives us an opportunity to learn, but many people do not seize it. And when they don’t, losing really hurts.

Chapter two
Humility: the spirit of learning
“Pride is concerned about who’s right, humility is concerned about what’s right”.
How the right spirit will help you learn
1. Humility allows us to possess a true perspective of ourselves and life. “Humility does not mean you think less of yourself, it only mean you think of yourself less”.

2. Humility enables us to learn and grow in the face of losses. “Success lies not in eliminating our troubles and mistakes but in growing through and with them”.

3. Humility allows us to let go of perfection and keep trying.

4. Humility allows us to make the most out of our mistakes.

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