The Big Tree and the boy with an axe

Yesterday I was caught up between masters and continue working with doing my business

It was a big fight, just in my mind tho

I tried to look at the pros and cons

I’m sure some of you might have been caught up in this fight too

Then something came into my mind, it’s regards to what I’ve read from one of my mentors book.

If you are given an axe to cut down a tree, and you have a day to do it. How would you go about it?

I can relate it to my life right now, the tree been failure, poverty and everything I don’t want in life ……now this is me with an axe trying to cut down poverty and his friends from my life .

The axe can be related to every weapon I’m using to cut down poverty and co ( this “co” thing was really an issue for me in primary school, I was damn wondering who was “co” in my class cause I’m sure I know everybody), education, hard work, smart work, good character etc

So back to my initial question, you have the axe and there’s a tree in front of you, how do you cut it down?

  1. Would you wake early in the morning to start cutting down to have enough time to cut it? Hoping this would give you amp time to eat later on.

2. Would you use a lot of strength in cutting it down, probably you could finish early and have amp time to rest later on?

3. Would you rather have the axe sharpened, (this would take some time) before you eventually start cutting ?

4. Would you just practice the law of consistency, minimal effort but persistently hitting? This may take longer time, but you wouldn’t be tired much after all.

5. Or forget the axe mehn, you have great skills in taekwondo and judo, you would rather bite, kick and push that tree down.

I need your comments on this for real guys, I know I have smart friends and readers thanks.

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