The true things of value are the things we can’t see


 1.Unlimited cash 

2. True love, hugs, smile, kiss, health , God 

If you are to choose between 1 and 2 above which will you choose? You can keep the answer to yourself, how many seconds, minutes, hours or even days did it take you to decide on your decision?

I have observed that we place more value on the things we see which is quite expected anyways because they are the immediate things around us, but the true things of value, essence are the things which we cannot see but feel, smell, observe. 

King Solomon said in proverbs 22:1 “a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favor rather than silver and gold” when King Solomon speaks i advoce you listen he holds the record as the wisest man who ever lived. 

Nick Vujicic said “money can’t heal the soul” if I give you a billion naira will you be happy? Why at if you are to exchange it for the life of your loved ones are you still happy? Love does heal the soul.

We shouldn’t let our love for the visible deter our lives and make it visibly miserable. 

Do you know the value of a hug from a loved one, or how a beautiful smile can brighten your day, or how a sincere compliment will be remebered forever, even a phone call to a distance friend says a lot.

Take time to be with your loved ones, give sincere compliments, hug your loved ones, kiss the person you love, listen the bird sing, appreciate nature. 

Am I anti money? hell no! I am just saying that we shouldn’t place so much value for money that we forget to live, for the greatest loss is not death, but when life dies inside of you simply put when you don’t have a life.

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