1. Mahatma Gandhi – Once in a millennia leader


No man in the history of mankind has had an effect like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi did on human thought, ideals and behavior.

He was the most influential leader of the Indian freedom struggle leading many campaigns against the British Colonial rule which eventually bore fruit with the independence of India in 1947.

Gandhi, was a leader who was made famous by his beliefs and his methods, he propagated the use of non-violence and satyagraha as a means of protest.

His methods inspired a generation of leader world over including luminaries such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther king Jr. The father of India, Mahatma Gandhi, will always be remembered as one of the greatest leaders of all time inspiring and motivating humanity for generations to come.

2. Nelson Mandela – An anti-apartheid hero


Nelson Mandela became the role model of forgiveness, patience, perseverance and inspiration for millions of people all around the world.

He was a humble leader, who believed in being with his followers. He was a part of the anti-apartheid movement in his 20s and 30s and fought relentlessly against the ‘white’ government’s apartheid and racist policies in a very peaceful and non-violent way.

He was jailed by the government for his activism for twenty-years during which time his stature as a leader grew, he became a model and symbol of the anti-apartheid struggle of the South African blacks.

Post his release, Nelson Mandela, went onto become the first black president of South Africa and led South Africa towards a future of unity and peace.

3. Martin Luther King Jr. – The dreamer of black civil rights


Born in 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia Martin Luther King Jr. is considered to be the greatest African-American leader of all times and one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century.

He was a fighter, activist and revolutionary in the movement for civil rights for the American blacks.
He was part of the clergy of the Ebeneezer Baptist Church and spent most of his life fighting for the rights of his fellow brothers in a non-violent way inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight for equality in a non-violent way and is greatly remembered for his famous ‘I have dream’ speech which has inspired generations of leaders after him.

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