This topic has really got me thinking, what success really is, is it just becoming rich or hitting the peak in your job, and this got me to do my research on what success really is, this I will like to share with you briefly.

The word succes can be defined by different people in different ways and they will all be correct. But I will be defining success from two views, one is the world’s point of view and two is the Christians point of view.

J.C Maxwell said success from the worlds stand point is the power which which to acquire whatever one demands of life without violating the rights of others.

One may say from the worlds point of view, success is power. I want to add to Maxwell’s definition as power with which to acquire whatever one demands of life, irrespective of others opinion, right, or believe.

It can be positive or negative success so far you achieve your predetermined goals, Adolf Hitler was a successful leader but from the worlds point of view.
And sad enough this is the path in which most people have coursed there way through, success by all means.
World definition of success think of what it can take out of life not what it can add it.

But from the Christian point of view, success is more than just achieving your predetermined goals, it goes a step further to helping others achieve theirs, it’s not just taking out of life but also adding to it, and it’s not achieved at others expense.

So I define success this way, success is the achievement of predetermined goals, giving yourself to add to life and help others achieve success.
I want you to see success beyond the gates of me,Myself and I, but let our success help others to achieve theirs.

And take note it comes from a predetermined goal, so before you close this page I want you to pick a pen and write your own definition of success and your plans to achieve it.

You may also like to share your definition of success in the comment box.

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