Youth Leadership


We need responsible and effective leaders in our communities, our cities, our country and the world. We need leaders in the workplace, in government, and in charitable Organizations.
Who will become the leaders of the future? The answer is… the youths of today.

Youth have challenges

Youth today have a challenging time taking the next step toward becoming responsible leaders and contributing to their community.

Between school, work, extracurricular activities, and family responsibilities, there are a Lot of things to take care of amid all of the typical distractions in every youth’s life.

In addition, we are still having to learn how to be mature in the way that we handle things and relate to others.

To help meet these demands and to prepare us for leadership role, it is important for us to learn about and gain leadership skills.

Attributes such as: building relationships, communication, public speaking, planning, and taking initiative can all benefit us in becoming more proactive in the world around them.

We can then become the leaders in our schools and leaders in Communities, workplaces, and our country.

Where we can lead

At School

Have a positive influence on peers

• Take a responsible role in a school club or committee

• May even become a candidate for school office

• Help others achieve their goals

Extracurricular Activities

• Lead youth groups

• Help the community through volunteering

• Assist charities by fundraising


• Build better relationships with siblings and parents

• Help with responsibilities

• Help plan family activities

• Be a positive role model



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